4-8 PM - OCTOBER 27, 2023

    deviating from the norm

    Our goal is simple: to generate and curate a collection of local artists on a monthly basis for a publicly accessible art walk in the High Desert. As artists ourselves, we all share the desire to be a part of the larger scope of fellow artists while simultaneously exposing art to the interested public. We want our peers to have the opportunity to flourish locally. Together, with a wide array of varying styles, compositions, techniques, and mediums, we are thrilled to curate this opportunity within our community.

    Next Event: 20601 CA-18, Apple Valley, CA 92307 Suites 123A & 123C

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    Applications for our OCTOBER event and our separate event TRUNK R TREATare now available!
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    If you are an artist or creator and interested in displaying and selling your work or reproductions of your work, we encourage you to sign up for our newsletter for information about when registration will open for each monthly event.


    Applications are now open! Please read the following carefully regarding the applications process:1. Work on display and being sold by all vendors MUST be original work or reproductions of the vendor’s own original work; this means no plagiarized work, stolen work, reproductions of others’ work, or reselling of mass-produced products not designed by the vendor. Fanart and pop culture art is permitted, but again, it MUST have been created by the vending artist.2. Art (especially jewelry & vinyl adornments (ie Cricut/Silhouette cutouts), tumbler decals, etc.) must be significantly handmade and go beyond simple assembly of readily available/premade components; pieces must be substantively original and not assembled from kits or commercially available patterns or downloads.3. No MLMs, commercial businesses, or resellers. Please note this is an art-focused event with the only commercial focus being the sale of the work of the artists based on the artist’s desire to sell their work; however, no artist is required to sell their work and may use their space for display purposes solely.4. Artwork on display must not depict any hate speech or visuals, including racism, homophobia, sexism, transphobia, etc. All art is subject to review and approval.5. Please keep in mind this is an all-ages event, and artwork depicting adult themes featuring abundant nudity or sensationalized violence should be covered or not on display for the general public (if you have any questions regarding this subject matter, please feel free to contact us at DV8ARTWALK@gmail.com and we will work with you as this is not a means to censor, but to be mindful of all ages in attendance)6. The artist is responsible for the setup, take down, and clean-up of their space. Disrespect of the property, including undisposed garbage, will reflect on the artist and their future participation forfeiture. The artist is 100% responsible for any property they may have damaged belonging to the venue.7. The artists’ spaces must be staffed at all times for the protection of the artists and their work. DV8 Art Walk & Collective and Santa Fe Trading Co are not responsible for any lost, damaged, or stolen items including but not limited to artworks and/or personal effects.8. DV8 Art Walk & Collective and Santa Fe Trading Co reserve the right to regulate time, manner, and activities of the artists and event. This regulation extends without limitation to individuals, noise, products, conduct, signage and/or anything with offensive language/material printed on it that might be determined to be offensive or objectionable.9. DV8 Art Walk & Collective reserves the right to revoke the agreement at any time for violation of any of the guidelines, with results up to and including immediate and/or permanent dismissal.10. Only one selling artist is permitted per table; as such, no table sharing.11. All registrants should have a (temporary) California seller’s permit if they intend to sell their work.12. Payment in full for space will be required upon setup.13. Load in time will begin at 12:00 am the day of the art walk and breakdown will begin at 9:00 pm; all vendors will be off property by 10:00 pm.14. Booth sizes are subject to accommodative size per the venue, availability, and layout changes. We will do our best to accommodate all artists per the venue’s allowance and size.15. Artists will receive one space (all booths are estimated sizes permitted by venue size and accommodations; as such, please note spaces may not meet exact measurements; booth sizes ARE varied but are and estimated 9’ wide) for the flat cost of $35. In addition, the artist is responsible for the sale of their own work as well as providing change for cash transactions. Artists are to supply their own table, chairs, and display fit to their space size.16. Event participation cost is subject to change per event.17. Event registration is subject to change per event.18. All vendors and participants agree to be photographed during the event to be used for future promotional material for DV8 Art Walk.19. Sales are not guarenteed.20. DV8 Art Walk may reach out to applicants regarding the status of their applications for clarifications regarding the applicant's work and submissions. If no response is made from the artist regarding communicative efforts, questions, or inquiries from DV8, the application is considered forfeit. Submission of the application does not guarentee a spot until an approval email is sent by DV8.21. PLEASE check email’s spam folder for ANY correspondence from DV8 Art Walk. Missed, ignored, or disregarded emails are the responsibility of the applicant and the applicant alone. Missed deadlines sent via email are, again, the responsibility of the applicant. If emails are not found in inbox, check the spam folder.22. If applicant is approved for participation, the applicant is responsible for maintaining contact with DV8 staff about their ability to participate. If the applicant does NOT communicate DIRECTLY with DV8 staff (via email, phone, or direct message) and is not on property by 3:30pm, their spot is forfeit and may go to someone else on the wait list.

    + PLEASE only apply if you have 100% intention of participating. No-show applicants will be put on a wait list for any future events. + If you previously applied AND participated in DV8 art walks, you may fill out the PREVIOUS APPLICANT form.
    + If you applied and DID NOT participate (previously cancelling and/or forfeiting your space or not showing up per the agreement) please fill out a NEW APPLICANT form.+ As for new applicants, go for it!


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    This October 27th, we will be special guests at the Historic Apple Valley Inn and the annual Trunk r Treat put on the High Desert's own Lion's Club!
    We are beyond excited to be back and are looking forward to all the fun to come!
    While our event WILL NOT be in the main lobby/restaurant, the art walk WILL be up by our amazing friends, The Scribbles Collective, and their beautiful studio!
    This event IS a Halloween event, so make sure you bring candy or treats to pass out to trick r treaters!
    And as with ANY Halloween event, your own costume is encouraged! Let's make this a night to remember and have an absolute blast!

    VENDORS WHO PARTICIPATE IN THE ART WALK ON OCTOBER 20TH, 2023 AT THE SANTA FE TRADING CO. WILL RECEIVE THEIR SPACE FOR $15!In order to recieve this pricing, the vendor MUST participate; if vendor applies to both events and does not participate in the art walk at the Santa Fe Trading Co. on 10/20, the price will the standard $25!
    + PLEASE only apply if you have 100% intention of participating. No-show applicants will be put on a wait list for any future events.

    About The Art Walk

    The DV8 High Desert Art Walk is a unique opportunity in the High Desert dedicating itself to the community in showcasing a plethora of artists and creators. Created and curated by artists, we set out on this journey to share an expressive space.
    With fewer and fewer opportunities in the High Desert for artists, we know all too well the energy that goes into finding avenues to display and sell our work. And travel. So much travel. We knew the need for arts in the local environment were desperately needed, not just for artists, but for those interested in celebrating and curious about the arts.
    We invite those of all ages to participate and stop by; you will have the chance to meet artists of a wide variety and get a glimpse of phenomenal local talent!
    Set for the third Friday of each month, we aim to further explore and curate more and more dynamic shows.Now at the gorgeous Santa Fe Trading Co. in Victorville, we are ecstatic to continue this joyous ride!

    DV8 Art Walk was also made possible with the help of a microgrant as rewarded by the Arts Connection Network of San Bernardino, an organization that seeks to elevate arts within the county. We are exceedingly grateful for their belief in our goal and encouraging artists in San Bernardino! For more information, visit the Arts Connection Network for information on grants, networking, calls for artists, and so much more!

    Arts Connection Network of San Bernardino


    Cesar Flores

    Cesar Flores is an aspiring comic book artist who started taking art seriously in 2015. He has done art sketch cards for Marvel, DC Comics, and Rick and Morty. He has also partnered with fellow artist and friend Nick Hernadez and they share a booth at Frank and Son Collectibles Show, selling their work three times a week; he also travels to comic conventions regularly.
    He works with inks, watercolors, markers, and plays with digital work. Cesar's passion lies in working with comic art and most recently, has dived into anime and manga art work.

    Jenna Sparks

    Jenna Sparks is a graphite-and-ink focused artist. She began participating in local group shows at the Cocoon Art Gallery in Apple Valley, CA, where she found the courage and momentum to continue pursuing art. While she focuses on pop-culture themed work primarily, she also delves into exploration of the macabre. Today, Jenna continues to work and seeks to thrive within the arts community, often traveling to conventions and continuing her journey as an artist.
    Most recently, she received fourth place in Laika Studios' National Craft Month Fan Art Contest.

    Mace Morb

    Mace Morb is a musician and artist of a wide array of mediums. Having always been a creative person, Mace came into his own when he expanded his endeavors to sculpture, metal, and woodwork. He is most impassioned by auditory art these days, having directed, edited, and produced multiple audio experiences as well as writing and composing music.

    deviate verb
    de·vi·ate | \ ˈdē-vē-ˌāt
    to depart from an established course or norm

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    If you are interested in learning more about the art walk, including attending as a guest or participating as a vendor, feel free to send us a message. Alternatively, you can directly email us at dv8artwalk@gmail.comOnce you submit your message, you will be automatically redirected to the homepage.

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    Want to help spread the word? Below is a collection of flyers and graphics available for you to download and post or print and pass around! We encourage all artists participating in the art walk to post about the event and their participation and genuinely thank you for considering helping reach broader audiences across the High Desert and SoCal!



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